airtel prepaid customer care number

Airtel prepaid customer care number list 2020

You are searching for airtel prepaid customer care number right. Hare is airtel customer care numbers which may help you to get better service from the airtel customer service provider which is great

In the below section I provide all customer numbers and some of them are toll-free. so through this service request numbers, you can get your quarry. In case calling is no response don’t worry you can get more options to contact customer service.

Now airtel is the oldest telecom service in India, founded by  Sunil Bharti Mittal and it’s a big network in India, before 2018 it was the biggest telecom industry and now the customers gained by Bharat airtel is almost 150 million. So with this amount customers is served by Airtel telecom service which is great.

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with these large customers need some help. like recharge related or internet-related or any others related support needed and customers for customer services. that’s why they provide some customers with services numbers. This is easy to remember and also it’s easy to use.

Airtel prepaid customer care number list 2020

Airtel prepaid customer care number List :


Airtel Prepaid, postpaid and Broadband – request and query helpline- 121

Prepaid & Postpaid – Complaint Helpline No – 198

Mobile Number Portability – 1800 103 1111 

DTH -From Registered Mobile Number – 12150 

All India Reference Numbers

  1.   North Airtel Digital TV Care – 0124-444 8080
  2.   East Airtel Digital TV Care – 033-4444 8080
  3.   West – Airtel Digital TV Care – 020-4444 8080
  4.  South – Airtel Digital TV Care –   080-4444 8080 
  5.   Airtel prepaid customer care number For Postpaid In case calling from any other number –  99330 12345 
  6.   For Prepaid In case calling from any other number –  99330 99330 
  7.   For Prepaid in case calling from any other number –  98101 98101 
  8.   Know Your Account Details Give a Missed Call –   81300-81300 
  9.  Airtel Postpaid helpline –  98100 12345 
airtel hub from a airtel fare

Airtel prepaid customer care number


·        9933099330


·        198 (Toll-Free)


·        [email protected]

Official Website

You can also visit the website and get some this type of information for airtel prepaid customer care number

  • You can contact airtel contact form by calling their free 24-hour Call Centre or by email [email protected]
  • 24 hours toll-free Call Centre
  • you can Call any time to their Call Centre for free, at any time and they will answer your questions and serve you to produce the greatest of Airtel services.
  • Visit any of there nearby airtel service center.

appellate authority

You can file a legal appeal with the Appellate Authority either directly or through email/facsimile /post/in person or through the Airtel prepaid customer care number of the complaint center.

Working Hours: Monday to Friday; 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

Points to Remember for airtel prepaid customer care number

  • While raising an appeal to the Appellate Authority, the complaint details (Service Request No.) shared by the complaint center should be available.
  • The appeal should be filed within 90 days of the expiry of the complaint or request resolution time specified by the complaint center.
  • The Appellate Authority will provide a Unique Reference Number within 3 days of reporting the issue.

Prepaid Customer care SMS and instead service

Airtel prepaid customer care number list 2020

Instead, help Numbers with resolution time

Basic Instant call service
Best offer available on your usageDial 12131
Start a ServiceSMS START to 121
Stop a ServiceSMS STOP to 121
Others Services of Airtel prepaid customer care number
OfferDial *121*1#
BalanceDial *121*2#
RechargeDial *121*3#
Start ServiceDial *121*4#
Stop ServiceDial *121*5#
Last 5 DebitsDial *121*7#
Internet PacksDial *121*8#
Know My No.Dial *121*9#
Daily PacksDial *121*10#
Data PacksDial *121*11#
SMS PacksDial *121*30#

This is all Airtel prepaid customer care number I hope you Must get all the information which is you want to know. If there are any mistakes from me please let me know in the comment sections. So don’t forget to share with your friends and make sure to share with the right people.

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After all this, I just want to say one thing. Airtel telecom service is always good for customers. Also if you visit the Airtel service center then you can also get a good result by there servicemen. they are super friendly. So stay happy with airtel and if you have any quarry let me know in comment sections also you can contact us through our contact us page

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