Indian Bloggers successful Top 15

People don’t believe Maine Once, I tell them, there are a lot of Successful tech Indian Bloggers.
During the primary days after I was working out my articles Strategy, besides my mentor, these bloggers motivated me to not stop attempting.
A number of them are implausibly successful, and thus are earning thousands of dollars monthly.

In Our website, mysmartnew is talk about our Indian bloggers who are boss in our Indian blogging community and Indian Bloggers you must need to know how they grow up

Top Indian Bloggers

We’ve compiled a list of top tech writers and influences primarily based from India, by devoting in their content caliber, follower foundation, domain expertise and submitting frequency.
Listed below are the top 15 tech authors and Influences WHO every technician enthusiast ought to follow:

Amit Agarwal (No. 1 Indian Bloggers)

He’s unique, and no-one might be like him. A former IITian, before 2004 he was ready to add the USA at Goldman Sachs. He supposed to stop his regular job and start a tech blog named Labnol.

indian bloggers
Amit agarwal

It was a huge success only following a couple of months of launch. when a few months, he had been creating at INR 10,00,000/- a month. Yes, 10 lakhs a month.
After a few years of submitting blog articles on tech, he makes about INR 20,00,000/- to INR 30,00,000/- a month. Currently, he’s additionally a journalist in wall street journal.

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His Website: Labnol

Indian Bloggers : Harsh Agrawal

He fully epitomizes the young Indian who’s freelance and has enough money to get pleasure from his life.
One year ago one he bought a swift diesel automobile from his blogging cash Before he had to figure for a software firm named Convergys.
He quit his job out of there and started blogging. His website shouts me loudly premiered in Sept of 2008. the site continues to be running and delivery a lot of traffic daily.

indian bloggers
Harsh agarwal

His earnings for June 2012 was approximately$6,000+.In reality, he exhibited his earnings on his website. Indian Bloggers
Soon he had free his February income, that’s close to around $30000+.
Harsh’s major supply of income is from affiliate marketing.
Want to find out affiliate marketing in full?

visit his popular blog or website that is : Shoutmeloud

Indian Bloggers Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak kanakaraju AN electronic advertising and marketing advisor from Bangalore.
After coming across a post on blogging & Adsense at a magazine within the year 2008.

indian bloggers
Deepak kanakaraju

Deepak kanakaraju got actuated to start a website, which is that the manner his blogging journey began.
Ever since that point, there was no wanting back as his website is presently rated among the top 10 digital advertising sites in India and is acknowledged.
Monthly Earnings of Deepak kanakaraju from sites is Rs 2,00,000+.
 visit Deepak kanakaraju blog: Digital Deepak


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Pradeep Kumar

Pardeep kumar founded his website HellBound Blogger sat age 17.once a good deal of struggle and studying, he turned the site into an expert one.
In this time he became enthused regarding blogging and recognized that blogging is solely over writing publication & one thing, it’s a moderate to debate quality info. Indian Bloggers

indian bloggers
pradeep kumar

In his web site, he covers matters like social networking advertising, promoting resources, WordPress, SEO, online small business suggestions, e-commerce, etc.
Many distinguished bloggers contribute articles to this website.
Visit pradeep kumar website: Hell Bound Bloggers 

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal is that the businessman of bloggers Passion, a website dedicated to helping fellow bloggers to earn cash via a blog. He started the site from the year 2010 when turning into inspired by a number of the many money-making niche sites on earth.

indian bloggers
Anil Agarwal

His dedication, labor and protracted led his success in blogging, And if you don’t understand he’s additionally AN SEO professional.
What began as a hobby with this masters-level holder has become a regular profession.

Check and visit his website for more : Bloggers Passion

Jitendra Vaswani

A professional blogger, speaker, and additionally a powerful electronic seller His name is Jitendra Vaswani. Once graduating from Engineering from the year 2012, he based mostly Bloggers concepts, an internet selling blog.

indian bloggers
jitendra vaswani

In this website, he primarily writes about blogging concepts, traffic raising tips, SEO, interviews with prime search engine optimization specialists, product reviews, etc.

check his website or blog: Bloggers Ideas

Amit Bhawani

One Of my Favorite Youtube creator and Blogger of India, I impressed together with his work and consistency. he’s also running a Travel vlogging youtube channel additionally TripRazor, However, PhoneRadar is his major project today. Indian Bloggers
His website is regarding gadgets and technology. He was ready to write mobile phones, tablet computers and technology news from across the world.

indian bloggers
Amit Bhawani

The highest potential income from his web site was close to $25,000 a month.
He was able to have around 35,000 visitors daily. His site was standard. His different far-famed blogs embrace the name like however from previous one year that he isn’t blogging on his primary blog as a result of he’s moved to a special level.
website name is: phone radar

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Kulwant nagi

a 30-year-old regular specialist Indian bloggers Kulwant nagi who’s well recognized from the blogosphere world.

indian bloggers
kulwant nagi

The guy started his blogging profession within the year 2011 and since he never required to come back. when shooting at the dark for the primary seven weeks, he left his very initial buck on-line and nowadays is earning $10,000+ per month.
In his website, you’ll discover an excellent deal of knowledge on subjects like blogging tools & tips, SEO, WordPress, social networking suggestions, money-making tips, and motivational tales.
I interviewed him for my youtube channel and was in a very speech face to face, He likes to travel a great deal. Indian Bloggers

Visit his webiste : BLOGGING CAGE

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Indian Bloggers Ashish Sinha

Ashish Sinha, an IIT & IIM grad, has varied work expertise. His love for technologies has caused the start of this website, that subsequently became an area to speak regarding the startup and technology system.

indian bloggers
Ashish sinha

From info to reviews, hints to tips hacks to upgrades, and this website touches everything.

website name : nextbigwhat

Indian Bloggers : Srinivas Tamada

One of the Indian Bloggers Srinivas tamada. Therefore, the site is for those who are additional technical instead of a non-professional. His website is 9lessons.

indian bloggers
Srinivas Tamada

Information and quite fashionable the developer & developer community. Srinivas is presently 20+ and earning the massive total of money out of his website.
Although, he hasn’t unconcealed his earnings following my figure that he makes cash equivalent to harsh Agarwalor a lot of. His earnings can be anyplace from$4,000 to $ 7,000a month as well as all stations.

Visit this website for your insperison: 9lession
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Arun Prabhudesai

His website is usually a corporation and a tech website. He provides a recommendation regarding startups, monetary info, And stock exchange.
Mostly you’ll notice News connected content on his blog, today he’s very active on his Youtube Chanel i.e Tech. On his youtube channel, he’s covering smartphone & Gadgets connected videos.

indian bloggers
Arun Prabhudesai

He arrived back from the USA to start this website as a result of he enjoys Pune town.except for blogging he’s an excellent love for photography. He’s additionally a budding entrepreneur who’s convinced about the way forward for Indian blogging trade.

Check his website that is very easy name :

Jaspal Singh

You may know Jaspal Singh runs a website known as .Although, we tend to perceive little or no regarding his personal life. however, he’s a mechanical engineer that enjoys visiting the gym.

indian bloggers
jaspal singh

His website is all regarding applications, web tips, and tech news.
 And his website name is : Save Delete

Dev Sharma

With a primary specializes in manufacturing fantastic recommendation to teach his Readers on everything and something WordPress.

indian bloggers
dev sharma

He has generated in-depth guides on WordPress hosting, obtaining started with Google analytics, enhancing security and speed of your website, and a full ton a lot of. His website makes regular traffic of 100,000 a month.

Check his website or blog: Wpkube

Sorav Jain

Sorav is one among the most effective digital seller & funniest authors that have created a title. And one of the Best Indain Bloggers For himself at the blogosphere world. International Youth Advertising Forum had acknowledged him among the highest 25 Social Media Professionals of India.

indian bloggers
Sorav Jain

His website is all regarding electronic advertising from advertising
Tools for electronic advertising categories to the newest digital happenings into investment social networking platforms to developing your subscriber base.
However, if you’re trying to find Discounts on Sorav Jain’s Courses then you can check here.
So, if you’re trying to start your Digital Marketing Journey, then you’ll check out some best digital selling institute in Delhi.

Check his website for more: Sourav Jain

Sandeep Mallya

He could be a Bangalore-based businessperson that runs the popular SEO and inward advertising blog 99signals with over 20,000 subscribers globally. he is last in our list indian bloggers

indian bloggers
sandeep mallya

In his web site, you’ll Discover careful posts, tutorials, and how-to guides on a good choice of net selling subjects, like link building, neighborhood SEO, social networking, email, and far a lot of.

His website name is : 99signals

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