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Website traffic Checker you may know this word. So today we “MySmartNew” need to talk regarding some website traffic checker services. that may check website traffic of any website you would like to see for free of charge. We talk 4 tools Traffic checker for website. that can give you a good service for your need
Ever wondered simply how well your competitor’s website is doing? Are they obtaining a lot of visitors than you? Are they targeting completely different individuals than you?
Unless your competitor has an “advertising” page that displays their monthly impressions we are going to need to consider smart previous website traffic checker.

1.Similar web (Best Free Website Traffic Checker)

The similar web is one among st the most effective online tools for check website traffic. It’s free however if you would like to additional info regarding some website you’ve got to buy a professional version of it if you buy you can get more information and get the best tool for Traffic checker for website
 Similar web helps you get detailed information from completely different sites and provides you a comprehensive summary of how a website is ranked. From this, you get to check however the website is ranked globally, wide and in keeping with its category.

Check Website Traffic checker, Flipkart overview on Similarweb that show it's rank
Checking Flipkart shooping website using similarweb

Similar web breaks down the information into simply digestible chunks that make the complete method quick. They additionally provide a tier paid membership ranging from $199 per month to $799.

Check Similarweb


Check Website Traffic checker, similarweb show us the referrence website for flipkart
Referring sites

An easy to read diagram of the highest referring sites additionally enclosed are the top sites that leave a similar web.

Search Traffic

Check Website Traffic checker, flipkart organic traffic checkout much organic traffic
checking for organic traffic

Probably the most necessary section for several. Those keywords your competitor is targeting, the organic traffic and PPC visits. in this part you can Check Website Traffic

Display Advertising

Check Website Traffic checker, Flipkart ads network is showing through similarweb
flipkart display advertising

If your competitor is running display advertising “banner ads” you’ll be able to realize the information here

Social reference

Check Website Traffic checker, Flipkart traffic coming from social network
Social traffic of flipkart

Its also show you from which social network people or visitor is comming into this flipkart website


Check Website Traffic checker, Flipkart Audience interest through similarweb
flipkart audience interests

This information should match your own if its an immediate competitor, listen to the tags and see if there’s any your not targeting.In this portion you can Check Website Traffic interest in which side they are interested


Check Website Traffic checker, Flipkart Competitor website that is shown through similarweb
flipkart competitor website

It’s continuously a good plan to understand simply who your competitors are, a similar web makes this a simple method.

Mobile Apps

Check Website Traffic checker, Flipkart mobile application that is shown through similarweb
flipkart mobile application is not shown

If the website contains a mobile app it’ll show over here.


The similar web provides a great deal of helpful information that you simply you will use Check Website Traffic at once to assess your website and competitors. changing into a professional member can unlock even a lot of helpful information and allow you to see multiple websites. also you can get more information about Traffic checker for website

2. Quantcast (Very helpful Website Traffic Checker) :

Quantcast breaks down every report into 10 completely different categories.
It has been named the most correct Traffic checker for website; its main aim is to supply the behavior of unique traffic on a website. the website will live things like gender, however long and their frequency on bound pages also because of the visitor’s age.

One among st the advantages you’ll get from this website is that you simply can track information in the time, this can be a very important tool as you’ll be able to monitor changes that you simply may build on your website and see the impacts. it’s also a good Website Traffic Checker

Quantcast needs that you just register and place a tracking code on your website to access its information that you can use as a “Website Traffic Checker”. Well worthwhile in my opinion. Particularly for people who run advertising campaigns and want a much better understanding of the kind of visitors viewing the website you may be running ADS on.

Check Quantcast


This information is priceless once running ads on a website, here we can see that Flipkart is a popular young Asian dad who is educated and earns a pleasant financial gain.


Running desktop advertising on Flipkart? you will need to think about mobile-only as we can see over 75th of visitors are using their smartphone.


Quantcast breaks down the information even additional by showing us however engaged every visitor is. with this “Website Traffic Checker” tool you may know visitors engagement with the competitor or your website

Shopping Interests

Here we will read the shopping habits of visitors to Flipkart, presently viewing the retail purchase affinity report.

Media Interests

Media interest information is often weakened additional by streaming devices, movies, music & recreation.

Business & Occupation

Find out that sector your visitors are operating with, their revenue and trade.

General Interests

One of my favorite reports on Quantcast. Here I will resolve what visitors like and that websites they need visited


Top countries visiting Flipkart, will break this information down additional into cities.

 Political Interests

Self-explanatory, this report breaks down any political interests visitors could have.


Quantcast is an honestly vital tool for webmasters trying to induce a position on the competition. Although you don’t have your domain however run affiliate ads and buy traffic you ought to have access to the current if you would like to convert those impressions. It will need that you simply register and have access to your domain however

Alexa (Very helpful Website Traffic Checker):

The oldest and 1st real Time Website traffic checker tool, Alexa website has been around since 1996. Originally it was created to assist users to realize similar websites they will like via a toolbar installed on their browser.
This toolbar allowed Alexa the power to crawl and archive a lot of websites. And visitor browsing habits (eventually leading to the creation of the internet archive).
Alexa has sadly been taken in terms of options by sites providing a lot of correct information for free of charge. Currently, you’ll be able to determine a websites audience geographics, engagements, high keywords, bounce rate, and backlinks. Paid membership grants you a lot of access to information starting at $149.

Visit Alexa for more

Alexa Rank

Alixa show us the clobally ranked in 134 it's preaty close to 100
flipkart clobal alixa ranking

Here we have got a basic to cross-check the “Alexa” rank over the past 12 months and therefore the sites international and local rank.


Alixa show us a audience geography data for flipkart
audience geography data for flipkart

The top 5 locations that visit Flipkart. If we compare it to the Quantcast information we can see the highest 4 locations are similar. This Check Website Traffic tool give you a geography data which is very helpful for you


Alixa show us Avarage bounce rate and time spand on flipkart
Showing bounce rate

Alexa keeps it easy with simply 3 information points, bounce rate, page views per visitor and average time on the website. with this Check Website Traffic tool you must know what happening with this website.

Search Traffic

Top keyword of flipkart most of people using this keyword and visit this flipkart website
Top keyword of flipkart

I would take Alexa’s search traffic information with a tipper packed with salt, we can see the highest keywords are very generic and possibly incorrect. it’s give you high keyword so you can easily find traffic with this Check Website Traffic tools


Alixa show us top referral website from where visitor is commng
Top backlink website

Its free information, therefore, I assume we shouldn’t complain, however, the “top” 5 backlinks for Flipkart are rather lacked luster it’s very helpful na for Check Website Traffic


Alixa asking for get a pro membership for more data
Alixa asking for promembership for more data

It was once an amazing tool however has seen a large decline in what it offers for free of charge. Alexa professional starts at the value $149, and in my opinion, you may get a great deal a lot of relevant information from a platform like SEMrush or Ahrefs. You may know this two tools which are used for sam eas alexa Website Traffic Checker

Traffic Estimate (Very helpful Website Traffic Checker):

A simple website that offers out basic info on any website. So you can easily Check Website Traffic. It appears to grab information by combining alternative sources and spit out the results. The traffic force for Flipkart looks to get on the low facet. And therefore the high “keywords” appear to be random and unrelated.

Trafic estimate show us the estimate desktop visitor on flipkart website
flipkart visitor

Check this website for own use


Traffic estimate show us the keyword but you have to sign up for that
You have to signup for keyword list

You can checks keyword of your competitor website it’s pretty smart. As a result of it provides us a concept that keyword is comfy for your website


It’s free and only takes a couple of seconds to run a competitor analysis. The possibility of finding any information the others haven’t. So you can check website traffic using this Website Traffic Checker tool


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Summary of Website Traffic Checker

With this Website Traffic Checker You can get more result for your own website for your competitor website. But if you want more from these Website Traffic Checker tool you have to pay money. You may check our Privacy and terms and conditions page for our policy

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